Providing sound advice and planning to our clients, and then seeing the benefits for them is our greatest reward. The most telling barometer of any company is what their clients are saying. So just what are people saying about us?

Latest Testimonial Letters:

I came across your website when I was looking for competitive quotes for my insurance policies. After filling out the form, I was contacted by Mark Santos who helped me decide the nature of the exact policy I was looking for.

In doing so, he went out of his way to ensure that I received my policy in the specified timeline and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable about the entire industry.

Buying insurance has never been easier! Thank you for all your effort.

Imran Saleem

Hi Mark, [Insurance Direct Canada Associate]

Some time ago we were told that we were paying too much for my husband’s life insurance and that I should also get coverage. The problem was where to start to find the right package for both of us at the most reasonable rate. I turned to the internet and found www.lifeinsurancequote.com – I sent them an email and was surprised to get a phone call a day or so later from Mark.

Mark was incredibly helpful and very easy to talk to. He never made me feel ignorant or intimidated. I would also like to add that both my husband and I enjoyed our visit from the company nurse immensely despite the tasks required. Needless to say I would highly recommend Mark and the company to anyone who asks me about life insurance. It is an absolute pleasure doing business with them.

Way to go for making a very unpleasant task enjoyable AND for saving us money.

Suzanne & Michael
Coquitlam, BC

Hi Gerald, [Insurance Direct Canada Associate]

I found your services amazingly excellent due to the following many reasons. And I would be glad if you would list all my compliments on your website as well as to your future clients.

Reason 1:
I found you very easily accessible unlike many others who filter calls through operator or junior associate. I like dealing with people who provide first hand information especially in life insurance

Reason 2:
At no stage in our frequent conversations, did I ever find you commercial minded or just ‘sale’ oriented. In fact, your good explanations to my questions actually helped me to conclude that in this case, regular term insurance coverage would not cover my specific need, because I would be travelling a lot back to India in the next 3-4 years. This way I was rescued from making the wrong decision right now, and unfortunately you lose business from me.

Reason 3:
Despite the fact that I might not buy insurance product from you, you still spent a good amount of time to explain everything to me and then also found possible alternatives to help me with my unique need after approaching 7 different companies.

Reason 4:
Lastly, I was really surprised me when I called you after more than a month time (having become very frustrated with others). Not only did you quickly recognize me, but you also opened our month-old detailed conversation log with almost all the main points we originally discussed. That is something only highly organized people do.

Though I might not give you any business in short to mid term, I prefer your service and so have already recommended you to one of my close friends who appear not happy with his existing coverage.

I wish you good luck and best regards.

Sachiv Mehta
Barrie, Ontario

Client Comments:

“I would have done this (get life insurance through your internet quote and phone/email) a lot sooner had I known how easy it was and how much we’d save. Your rates were so reasonable and we saved over 40% from what the bank was charging.”
C. Wadsworth
North Delta, BC

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark [An IDC Insurance Direct Canada Broker] for his professional assistance in this matter. We interviewed other agents and chose Mark because of his knowledgeable presentation and his excellent product knowlege . We were also impressed with his ability to follow and carry through instructions, and his promptness in dealing with any of our concerns.

We would also like to extend many thanks to Insurance Direct Canada, Medical Examinar Ms Pauge for prompt responses and assistance.”
Tino & Jolly
Nanaimo, BC

“Thanks for the great service.  It was a pleasure dealing with you!”
Gary Davidson
Regina,  Saskatchewan

“We were paying much too much for term life. I was a bit hesitant about shopping for better rates because I don’t like dealing with aggressive salesmen. Russ Smart was great! Never pushy, he was very prompt and responsive. Thanks to Russ, we saved over $700 a year on the coverage we needed to protect our family. Go ahead, give Russ a call! He’s a great guy to have on your side!

I looked at a lot of internet sites that promised “free insurance quotes”. Russ Smart’s website was one of the few which provided the information I wanted, up front, with no commitments and no hassels. He’s got a wide selection of companies with excellent rates.

I wasn’t sure how buying insurance from someone in a different Province would work, but it’s been quite easy. Best of all, I can’t believe how much money we saved! I am very glad we gave Russ Smart our business.

Thanks very much Russ, working with you has been both a pleasure and a money-saving experience!”
L. Martin
Kars Ontario


“This note is to just give you a great big thank you for all your work on our files. You have saved us a lot of funds that we can now funnel into other rewarding money making ideas. After many years of not addressing the fact that our needs with regard to our life insurance, mortgage insurance and credit line coverage had changed; it was refreshing to meet someone who could double our coverage for a fraction more than what we had been paying. Russ gave us (we thought) an impossible proposal….could we really get that much coverage for such a small amount of money?

It was definitely unbelievable when we actually got the policies in place. We can with out a doubt recommend the services of Russ Smart and his associates. He knows his business and it is a pleasure to feel that someone has given you his all, i.e. that no rock has been left unturned in order to do the work. We have benefited greatly by his work for us.”
David McLeod and Andorlie Raney
North Vancouve
r – Angel Restoration

“The best thing about getting Russ to help navigate me through the complexities of insurance needs/coverage types/etc. is that he always answered my email or phone call inquiries in a timely fashion with the info I was looking for.

You wouldn’t believe how many agents never even called me back once. Russ definitely took the major pain out of it for me and continues to answers any concerns or questions I have as they come up….and they always do…It’s great to know I have somebody I can rely on for answers and also thanks Russ ’cause I appreciate your always friendly, cheerful, positive attitude. Thanks for everything.”
L. C.
New Westminster, British Columbia

“We were paying over $115 per month for our mortgage and my personal life insurance and my wife had been told she was uninsurable. When Russ finished his review and insurance brokering, I had better coverage and my wife was insured for $220,000 for only $56 per month in total!”
Roger Watson
British Columbia

“Russ is not a traditional Insurance Broker. He takes a continuing interest in the well being of my company and family and has proven to be a valued resource and sounding block on many occasions.”
Ken Larsen,
C&R Restorations Ltd..

“Russ took the time to prepare a financial plan which helped me determine what I needed and then, with the approval of my accountant, put in place a valuable tax sheltering plan using Universal Life Insurance and cost effective life and disability insurance coverage”.
Jay Dargatz
Canstar Construction Ltd.

“I finally understand how it all fits together. Thanks to Russ, I have a vision of my retirement and what we need to do over the next 11 years to make it happen. Retirement planning was so scary that we were reluctant to do it but Russ’s process is so simple and clear to understand. We now have a program with an annual review that will give us the retirement income we want when we want it and the assumptions are very reasonable. We also appreciate the tax planning that went into it.”
Doug Dyer
Real Estate Agent

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