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IDC Insurance Direct Canada offers instant: term & whole life insurance quotes along with the ability to broker you to the most appropriate companies to get the best possible premiums.

Get a free, low cost quote from leading Canadian life insurance providers including: AIG Life, AXA, Canada Life, Empire Life, Equitable Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife, Reliable Life, Standard Life, Transamerica Life, IAP Life, RBC Insurance, Unity Life and Western Life. After reviewing these low cost premium rates online, contact us for a free consultation, we will get you that great rate.

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Quick Tips:

  • Some providers allow for non-smoker ratings for occasional cigar or pipe use. Ask us for more information.
  • If you are taking medication to control blood pressure or cholesterol levels and it is working you will likely qualify for standard issue.
  • In Canada, an alarming percentage of people qualify for a better health class rating, and subsequently lower premiums. Often the plan they currently hold life insurance under is far from competitive.
  • We have numerous tax smart insurance options to benefit the self employed and small business owners.
  • Death benefit, survivor benefit and pension life iInsurance payment are just some of the synonyms used for similar products, including whether insurance or pension money is paid out. Ask us to explain.
  • Tax implementations can make a huge difference in the money paid out to a deceased person’s beneficiary.

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